Why choose Bundly?

We believe technology should help you do the right things, so we made a platform that gives you quick and easy access to content, in a single, great looking and dynamic App.

The platform, Bundly, is a cloud-based file sharing system, with user friendly Web administration that offers a customized App to enable sales, training and support.

It’s simple and elegant to use and gives your teams access to relevant content in a few clicks, while showing off your brand and products through vibrant and interactive digital marketing content.

Content is updated automatically which ensures consistent version control across your teams, as well as a unified message. It is available on-line or off-line from your PC, tablet or phone. With the available content you can also easily create customized presentations on the fly, directly within the App, and share it with your customers.

With the statistics collected, you can track and analyze the usage of the content.

With our dynamic platform, you will give your teams a first-class empowerment tool, with endless possibilities, but still on your terms.

Bundly also eliminates the need for paper catalogues, price lists and literature, saving printing costs, transport costs and natural resources.

This is Why you should choose Bundly!