General benefits

Makes it easy to look good

In order to really make an impact, it´s important that the teams have easy access to the information needed, and that the information is bundled in an elegant, and appealing way.

Since the seller often has a limited time to make an impression, the way the content is bundled plays an important part.

Thanks to our user friendly and dynamic platform, you have the possibility to customize the App based on your needs, not only to make sure that the seller can easily find the information needed, but also that the content is presented in an elegant and appealing way.

The possibility to add videos and animations, and play around with 3D elements, takes the presentation to the next level. It´s never been easier to look good.

On your terms. Always.

With Bundly, you give your teams the possibility to spend their time selling, instead of searching for information, and creating PowerPoint presentations.

Sales teams spend a lot of time searching for information, and are using outdated material, when creating presentations. From time to time, the presentations also tend to be added with a little bit too much of individual flavor.

With Bundly you make sure the teams have access to all the relevant, and up to date, information needed, giving them more time to spend outside the office, rather than inside. At the same time, you ensure a unified and consistent message.

With the dynamic presentation mode in the App, you give them the possibility to easily create their own first-class presentations on the fly, using the accessible content, so they can comfortably drive the meetings, but still on your terms.

Uncomplicates things

Bundly is the perfect tool for onboarding and training, as well as for selling, since you make all the information easily accessible, right under their fingertips.

With the possibility to set up user groups in the system, you make sure that the users get access to the information they need, whether there are different departments within the company, global market divisions, or even customers.

And since the information is also available offline, they can use the time spent when travelling, even if they are on a plane, catching up on the latest updates.

Then, when entering a meeting, or a tradeshow, they will be well prepared and can confidently drive the conversation with the customers, to sell in, and sell through.

Knowledge is Power

With the statistics collection, you can track the usage of your content in order to improve marketing and sales effectiveness. The days of guessing are over.

Relevant and useful, marketing and sales material can be crucial in order for your sales team to make informed decisions, and Bundly´s statistics analysis gives them the edge they need to succeed.

With the statistics collected, you can learn what content is being used, how it is being used, pinpoint useful information, and develop sales tactics to improve marketing effectiveness.

Bundly´s integrated API makes it possible to connect and communicate with various systems like, ERP, CRM and Marketing Automation tools, in order to leverage on the collected information.

We also have connections to file storage and hosting platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.